It's day 13 of the tour, unlucky for some I guess, but for me it's very lucky... 'cause I get to visit two places which I simply couldn't miss... Those who know me may be aware of my fondness for whiskey, single malts or slutty blends are always greeted with the same friendly smile and no-nonsense introduction to the back of my throat. While I'm sure whiskey afficionardos would rather pour scorn than a generous double, I'll always have a soft spot for the worlds most popular Tennessee Whiskey. Straight, or on the rocks is the only way to serve it, and once you visit the spiritual home of easy riders and rock sluts and witness the time and effort that goes into the production of every drop you'll never again corrupt it by adding a certain fizzy, sugary and caramel coloured syrup. Lynchberg Tennessee, population 361. A small (some would say "Hick") town in the middle of truely idealic countryside greets all comers with a warmth and a friendliness that you've almost come to expect from the commercials and advertisments, and just like the adverts, the old boys are sat on rocking chairs taking in some Tennessee rays while their ex-collegues (and neighbours) volunteer to show guests around their old workplace. A guided tour of the distillery takes around an hour and is given by one of the very friendly and knowledgable locals who prefer to keep themselves busy in their retirement years. The tour is free, as are some non-alcoholic refreshments offered after the tour. Donations are appreciated, and considering the insight you gain into the production of whiskey and the history of Jack Daniels they are well deserved -- even Mike dropped a few dollars into the pot ! For more info on Jack Daniels and the tour (including a virtual tour) click here.