Just wondering if this is a good use of time and/or energy for adults? Maybe I feel obliged to spend as least some of my free time playing games since it's something that's been with me all my life (or at least since I can remember!). Online gaming at least involves some RL interactionwhen compared tothe older styleoff-line games but I'm sure I could be doing something more productive with my time. For me thebiggest downside of online gaming is signing on to find none of your friends are around. With traditional entertainment this was solved by some simple co-ordination; "Lets meet at the pub at 8pm!" However, I'm not sure all the other grown ups I know would approve of scheduling on-line gaming time. "Let's meet up on WoW/Rappelz/RFactor at 8pm, I'll get the Ventrilo server started!" still sounds like it would result in some serious piss taking...or maybe that's just me? I wonder how many more years it will be until this view becomes the norm and it becomes socially acceptable to have a regular on-line gaming slot in our diaries?